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Baker Beach · San Francisco

Hi, I'm Molly!

I was born and raised in the Northeast, but I recently jetted off to California! The Bay Area is already starting to feel like home.

I'm someone who genuinely loves to do things. My definition of a perfect evening is opening up Excel and making a detailed itinerary of my next adventure, whether small or large. Always the “Planner” of the friend group, I’ve been Type A since ’95.

Like anyone else, I have lapses of confidence in myself. Am I choosing the right balance between traveling and being a homebody? Is it even possible to be both?


More importantly, will my lifestyle resonate with anyone else out there who strives for beautiful, everyday adventures, whether small or large?

I put so much time and energy into planning and photographing that it makes me incredibly happy to be able to help others with their questions on where to travel, which new recipes to try, and more.


As much as I'm doing this as a creative outlet for myself, I'm doing this for any person that's ever reached out for my input and suggestions. There's nothing I love more than sharing ideas and connecting with others, so please reach out with anything you'd like to know!

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12 Facts

About Me



I live with my travel sidekick/fiance, Zach - he also makes a great photographer!


I graduated from Syracuse University with majors in Merchandising  & Marketing


Before moving to California, I lived in Houston, Texas, y'all! 


I started baking from scratch once I graduated college - now it's one of my favorite pastimes!


By day, I work in Corporate Merchandising


My passion for exploring & hiking began when I studied abroad for 4 months


Our cozy apartment is 1 block from the beach. You can find me there napping in the sun!


I grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. My parents still live there! 


The Office is my all-time favorite TV show. Zach and I have yet to meet anyone that can quote it like we do


I'm OBSESSED with Golden Retrievers! (Christmas present, anyone?)


My go-to drink is a glass of Prosecco - bring on the bubbles!


I've traveled to 16 countries, and I have many more on my list!