Amazon Finds: My Favorite New Wall Decor

Amazon Finds - Wall Decor

I'm super excited about a few of the new Wall pieces I found on Amazon recently and wanted to share! Zach and I moved into our new apartment 2 months ago, but it's still not fully put together. For example, we have 4 Kitchen Dining Chairs and 2 Upholstered Bar Stool Chairs with zero Kitchen Table or place to eat. Lol! Sadly, our table was broken in the move :(

We're waiting to purchase a table until after COVID when more stores open up, but in the meantime I've been looking for some prints for the kitchen and throughout the apartment.

Since we live a block from the beach, I wanted to add some ocean/blue elements to the space. Our furniture is pretty neutral and I really need a little more color in here! We used to have 2 beautiful, blue arm chairs but they didn't fit in our new space, so I figured I'd spice up the walls with a colorful print or two.

In addition to the blues, I also have some faux greenery scattered around the apartment so I knew I wanted something for the kitchen that could again, add color but also be relevant to the space.

*UPDATE AS OF JUNE 2020 - After a few months, we finally have a kitchen table!


I tend to have a hard time finding decent home decor options at Amazon, but I had a gift card, so... you know how it goes. I am really happy with what I ending up finding, and the prices were great too!

You'll soon see that we haven't even hung up our new purchases... I know! We're waiting until we buy a table so we can decide where we want to hang everything! They were just too good not to share, even if they are currently sitting on the floor, or on an ottoman....

*UPDATE AS OF JUNE 2020 - Finally got these babies hung up!

Set of 3 Ocean Prints, 8 x 10

Amazon Finds - Wall Decor Ocean Prints

Ignore the shadows, but these prints are great! They added the perfect touch of blue I wanted without it being overwhelming. I was looking for a 3-piece set and I loved how these felt so calm and serene. Simple but effective and a perfect nod to the beach down the street.

These photographs arrive unframed, pre- printed in a glossy matte and the packaging was sturdy so it didn't bend. They were $16 from the Yellowbird Art and Design - they have a bunch of printed photo options, it was hard to choose! Find the ocean prints here.

Set of 4 Natural Wood Frame, 11x14 Matted to 8x10

It's so easy to come across low-quality frames, but with 4.5 out of 5 stars, I was pretty hopeful with these. I am SO pleased with the look, color and quality of these frames! These look so great with my ocean prints.

They only come in a Set of Four, but I was okay with that because there weren't many light wood options on Amazon and I didn't want to settle for anything else. I wanted something that looked Natural, and not only do they look that way, they also look great with our floors! I'm only using the 3 for my other purchase but I'm sure I'll get use out of the 4th.

The Set was $48, so we're looking at $12 each. For a really large, 11x14 frame, I was happy with that price. (Target sells a similar frame, and it's $20 for ONE)! The color is "Rustic Brown," and you can find them on Amazon here!

Herbs and Spices Botanical Prints

I'll be honest, for these next purchases, I knew exactly what I was looking for. I knew I wanted some greenery in the kitchen and I loved the idea of something relevant for the room. Herbs and Spices! Perfect!

Amazon Finds - Herbs Botanical Wall Decor Prints

I checked a few places for the perfect print or prints. I would have preferred just one larger wall piece, but I really loved the look of the 2 I bought on Amazon.

These were actually sold separately, and one of them is sold out now, but I am linking the one left in stock! They're not terribly large at 16 x 12, but they're great if you don't have too much wall to cover. These would also look really nice placed directly on the counter, leaning against the wall.

These are sold by Barnyard Designs. They have a lot of cute farmhouse style home decor options - check them out! Linking the Botanical Prints still available for $20 here.

Amazon Finds - Herbs Botanical Wall Decor Prints
Amazon Finds - Herbs Botanical Wall Decor Prints

I'm so pleased with my 3 recent purchases from Amazon! Now I just need to get them hung on the walls where they belong.. ;)