Easy Rainbow Sprinkle Rice Krispies Treats

Easy Rainbow Sprinkle Rice Krispies Treats

Rice Krispies treats are a classic, and they were one of my favorite desserts to make as a kid. Sure, you can buy the packaged version but it's not nearly as good as making them fresh!

These are the absolute easiest dessert to whip up and they're delicious! I love to add rainbow confetti sprinkles - it just adds a nice pop of color and makes them that much more fun to eat and serve.

This recipe is almost identical to what you can find on the back of your Rice Krispies box, but I've lowered the amount of cereal used for a better ratio of cereal to marshmallow when using exactly one bag of mini marshmallows.

Another difference here is how we add all of the marshmallows - a great trick is to fully melt all but one cup of marshmallows, then add in the last cup after the cereal is added. That's how you can get those big chunks you see in the photo above.

So good. So easy. Probably (definitely) a recipe for children, but I don't care.

You can use any pan you'd like with these treats. I like to change it up depending on my desired level of thickness. A 9x13 inch pan will produce standard sized Rice Krispies but I've used a 9x9 and an 8x8 for super thick bars.

Totally your choice!

Just make sure that when you add your Rice Krispies treats to your new pan to cool, don't press down too hard. You'll want to keep them a bit airy so that they don't get too hard. They'll be really sticky, so I like to use wax paper to gently shape them along the pan.

Find the full recipe below!

Easy Rainbow Sprinkle Rice Krispies Treats