Summer Beach Essentials

Summer Beach Essentials  - Sand Cloud

I felt the need to do a quick PSA on a few things that I've been obsessing over now that the warm weather has arrived in Northern California. It's starting to feel like summer and I couldn't be more excited!

I'm lucky enough to live right next to the Beach, and these are my absolute must-haves for any visit.

1. Sand Cloud Towel

I got this beach towel a few weeks ago it's safe to say I'm already in love with it. If you haven't heard of Sand Cloud, they're a really cool brand! 10% of every purchase goes to Marine Conservation. #SaveTheFishies

What I love about their towels is that they're Turkish towels. If you've never tried out Turkish cotton, it's great because it dries super quickly and sand pretty much falls right off of it. The towels themselves are super lightweight too - I never want to have to carry a thick or heavy towel to the beach!

Summer Beach Essentials - Sand Cloud Beach Towel
Summer Beach Essentials - Sand Cloud Beach Towel

Sand Cloud offers so many adorable patterns and styles but they do sell out quickly. If you see one available, I'd act fast! I chose the Moroccan towel and I love the colors - it's reversible so I like that I can change it up.

They also offer XL towels. The regular size is perfect for one person, but next time I'm going to try an XL towel since Zach and I like to lay together.

The pricing seemed a little steep for me for a towel ($47 for regular size), but I loved the concept and versatility. Bonus is that they are always running promos for 15-20% off! Totally worth it, in my opinion.

Summer Beach Essentials - Sand Cloud Beach Towel
Summer Beach Essentials - Sand Cloud Beach Towel

I use this towel daily at the beach and so far I have zero complaints. It's also perfect for picnics (or watching the sunset with a glass of wine.. my preferred choice)! Check out the rest of their collection here!

2. Goods and Provisions Beach Tote

This is my all time favorite bag. Seriously. I use it every day. It's perfect for the beach, a farmers market, an overnight trip, you name it. It holds SO much more than you can tell, and bonus: it's lightweight and the straps are comfortable! This tote is made of jute and cotton, and let me tell you, the thing is STURDY! (I've tested it with more groceries than I should have on multiple occasions).

I've actually had this bag for a long time. Zach bought it for me at a small boutique in Bar Harbor, Maine, but you can still find it on Amazon or in other boutiques across the US!

Summer Beach Essentials - Goods and Provisions Beach Tote

For reference, this tote can easily fit a Queen size sheet, a Sand Cloud towel, a volleyball, water bottles, and snacks. There's also a small pocket on the inside that you can throw you keys, phone, or sunglasses in. Win!

Summer Beach Essentials - Goods and Provisions Beach Tote

We paid somewhere around $35-$45 for this Market Tote in Maine, but I'm seeing a lot of retailers selling it for less than $30!

Find it on Amazon here, or look for it in a local retailer near you!

3. The Perfect Pony Scarf

I'll be honest, I have this pony scarf in about 6 colors. It's so easy to throw on and it adds so much to your look! It's the easiest way to accessorize (even though I may only be going to the beach).

You can find these at almost any women's retailer nowadays, but I got the majority of mine from francesca's. Great price, and it will definitely last forever.

Summer Beach Essentials - Francesca's Pony Hair Scarf

Summer Beach Essentials - Francesca's Pony Hair Scarf

For me, this is a fun way to have my hair up rather than use a boring ponytail.

They typically go for $14.00 at francesca's, but they're almost always on sale. Find a similar style here!

4. Target Sandals

These are the best affordable sandals. (4 of my friends actually have the same ones, that's how you know they're good)! Target does it again, y'all.

I love that these slip on - they're extremely comfortable (and the color matches everything!). Sometimes thong sandals irritate my toes, so that's actually why I ended by buying this pair. Now I won't look back!

Summer Beach Essentials - Target Sandals Sand Cloud Towel

You can find this style multiple places, but I personally love target shoes. They're affordable at only $20 (but sometimes on sale for $16!) and most of them are of pretty decent quality.

Summer Beach Essentials - Target Sandals S'well Water bottle

Sneak peak above on my final Beach Essential, my S'well water bottle!

These sandals are a must-have for the beach! Find them in Brown, Black, White, Gold, or Yellow here!

5. S'well Water Bottle

Here's another product that I've had for so long but I still swear by it. Is S'well still in? I have no idea. I've never had a Hydroflask and I couldn't tell you the difference, but I do know that my S'well has never let me down.

It's the perfect size, it's durable but not too heavy, and it keeps my water cold thanks to the insulated stainless steel! Pretty much all I could ask for (in addition to having a cute design)!

Summer Beach Essentials - S'well Water Bottle

I love the tropical look of the pink with palm leaves. I don't think they carry this design anymore, but

they have every color you can think of, as well as so many other patterned options. Showing a few of my favorites below!

S'well offers water bottles in multiple sizes, and each size stays cold for over 27 hours!

The 17 oz is the standard size (and the one I have). It retails for $35, but they offer 15% off and free shipping if you sign up for emails!


Let me know if you have any of the above essentials and love them as much as I do!