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The Ultimate Guide to Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia is full of manicured parks, cobblestone streets, and southern charm - perfect for your next Girls' Trip!


I. Intro to Visiting Savannah

II. Best Time to Go

III. How Long to Visit

IV: Where to Stay

V: Things to Do/See

VI: Places to Eat/Drink

VII: My Must-Do's

I. Intro to Savannah

Savannah, Georgia is a charming city in the South, comparable to the characteristics of Charleston in South Carolina. In fact, the cities are only 2 hours apart!

Filled with majestic oak trees, park squares on every corner, an abundance of picturesque houses, and no open container laws, Savannah makes for the absolute best Girls' Trip! It's a scientifically proven fact that an annual Girls' Trip improves your mental health! Wow! (I made that up).

Wormsloe Historic Site Friends Entrance Photo

Although, to be fair, if I ended up going with Zach I probably would have deemed Savannah the perfect couples' trip. So much versatility!


I ended up going to Savannah on Labor Day Weekend with two of my best friends and we're all so excited to go back - it's such a fun and charming city.

To get here, you'll need to fly into the small Savannah Airport. Lucky for me, at the time I was living in Houston which has direct flights to Savannah. My friends were coming from Boston and Buffalo, and they both had connecting flights which had a stop in Atlanta. From Atlanta, their flight to Savannah was pretty quick - around an hour!

When you step outside of your gate at the Savannah Airport, you'll instantly see how charming this place is. Yes! The airport! They even had a little "square" inside the airport that looked like you were in Downtown Savannah.

From the Savannah Airport, Downtown Savannah is only 10 miles away, so 15-20 minutes!

  • Order an Uber or Lyft - we went with this options since we knew we'd be splitting the cost of every ride and it was the most convenient!

  • Rent a Car at the Airport - they have some really great prices depending on when you visit, but we didn't want the hassle of renting a car

And now the fun begins!

II. Best Time to Go

The best time to visit Savannah depends what you'd like to get out of your trip! I knew I wanted to spend some time at Tybee Island, so I made sure to visit while it was still hot in late August/Early September.

Since Savannah is in the South, there's a common misconception that it's warm year-round, but that's not true. It definitely gets cool!

We spoke with some locals and heard that February is typically Savannah's coldest month. Funny enough, my parents went in February and said they wouldn't have wanted to go any other time!

Here's a breakdown of daily highs/lows you can expect by month:

January: 61°/41°

February: 64°/45°

March: 70°/50°

April: 77°/57°

May: 84°/65°

June: 90°/72°

July: 92°/74°

August: 90°/74°

September: 86°/70°

October: 79°/60°

November: 70°/49°

December: 64°/45°

Important Things to Note:

  • July and August are historically the months with the most rain

  • Hurricane season tends to be at its peak in August/September (I was actually there just days before Hurricane Dorian! It didn't end up hitting in Savannah, though, but we did have some rain)

  • Spring is known for blooming azaleas around the city

  • November hosts the Savannah Food and Wine Festival - find more info and dates listed here!

If You Still Need Some Guidance...

Spring may be the most ideal time to visit, with warm temperatures and blooming azaleas! I would suggest March - June. If you prefer fall, try going in November to hit the Savannah Food and Wine Festival!

But I really believe any month would be enjoyable. Even visiting with a day or 2 of rain was still an incredible experience. In the summer, it doesn't typically rain for long periods of time, either!

Savannah Georgia Forsyth Park Fountain
Forsyth Park Fountain

III. How Long to Visit

Help! How many days do I need in Savannah?! Is a weekend enough?

Great question! 3-4 days is the perfect amount of time to visit Savannah, but you can definitely work with 2 days (a weekend) if needed.

If you plan on renting a car, you can visit surrounding areas and cities and stay for even longer!

IV: Where to Stay

You'll definitely want to stay near Downtown Savannah (AKA in the Historic District)! It's not too large, and there are an abundance of hotel options (and many are affordable, too)! Don't be fooled by the name "Downtown" though, it's still quaint shops, restaurants and bars rather than highrises you might expect.

Most importantly, you'll want to find a place that is walkable to the main attractions you'd like to see (Ex: River Street, Forsyth Park). Use Google Maps to check!

If you know you want to enjoy some live music and hit the town each night, I suggest staying on or North of Oglethorpe Ave (as shown in my lovely makeshift photo below). It's not necessary, but if you'll be walking home late at night, it's better to be closer to your hotel.

Anything close to the River will be a bit more lively as that's where the bars are!

Anything within this entire map above would still be a great option!

A good rule of thumb - if your accommodation is walkable to Broughton Street, that's perfect, as that is quite central to what you'll want to be around!

I booked an affordable option that was somewhat in the middle of all of the things on my list.

  • Nice Rooms - We had the King Suite, which was clean, updated, and perfect for 3 people

  • Central Location - The longest walk we had was only 15 minutes

  • Minimal Character - Would have enjoyed something boutique with more charm

  • Moderately Priced - Ranges from $100-$200/night, but they often have great deals! Ours was just over $100/night for a large room

View Outside our Hotel, Springhill Suites Downtown

There are SO many options, so these are just a few others I looked at. Feel free to send me a message in the comments below or on the Contact page if you have questions about where to stay.

Please note: prices may change regularly so be sure to check with each hotel on up-to-date rates!

For a Swanky & Stylish Riverfront Hotel

  • Stunning interior and exterior with Rooftop Bar/Lounge

  • Price - Ranges from $300-350/night

  • The oldest hotel on River Street with a recent remodel

  • Price - Ranges from $150-$250/night

For a Romantic & Charming B&B

  • Continuously ranked #1 Place to Stay in Savannah on Tripadvisor

  • Charming with old Savannah character

  • Price - Ranges from $250-$350/night

  • "Approachable luxury" in a prime location

  • Price - Ranges from $150-$250/night - Sometimes has a 2-night minimum for weekends

  • The perfect choice if you want a mix of Modern and Charm

  • Rooftop Bar & Restaurant in Hotel

  • Price - Ranges from $250-$350/night

  • Ranked Top 25 Small Town Hotels in USA by Tripadvisor

  • Price - Ranges from $230-$350/night

V. Things to Do/See

wormsloe historic site savannah georgia
Wormsloe Historic Site

My favorite part about Savannah was the fact that I could just wander the streets and never get bored - there are so many shops and squares, sometimes I was perfectly content just listening to local musicians playing in the park!

With that being said, I still came in with a list of "Must-Dos" in Savannah, some of them located in the historic district, and some of them a bit further that required an uber.

Things to Do/See Within Walking Distance:

Forsyth Park Fountain

  • The iconic, 150-year old Forsyth Park Fountain is located in Forsyth Park, where there are plenty of grassy fields and picturesque trees draped in Spanish Moss - perfect for an afternoon picnic!

Rainbow Row

  • This small row of 3 houses is like a little bit of Charleston in Savannah! These houses are near plenty of popular Downtown streets - stop by for a photo op!

  • If you need it for GPS, the address is 508 E Bryan St, Savannah, GA 31401

River Street

  • The fun begins here! River Street is beautiful. Full of shops, restaurants, and bars, not to mention the lovely views of the.. you guessed it.. river! Just note that some of the paths to walk down towards River Street are completely made of cobblestone and extremely STEEP! Be careful when wearing heels at night (or just make sure you don't take silly shortcuts like I did)

Jones Street

  • Often claimed the prettiest street in Savannah, take a stroll to photograph the beautiful, historic architecture

Broughton Street

  • Here's where you'll find the main drag of shops and some noteworthy cafes (Keep reading for The Paris Market and more!)

  • There are also a bunch of gift shops - I bought a poncho to deal with those Summer thunderstorms

Cathedral Basilica of Saint John the Baptist

  • Rated one of the top things to see in Savannah, this Cathedral was built in 1873 and displays stunning French Gothic architecture

  • As of 2020, Pope Francis has declared this a "minor basilica," which is awarded to cathedrals that have historical significance

City Market

  • This is a little market on Bryan Street with shops and restaurants - perfect for roaming around!

Trolley Tours

  • One of the most popular things to do in Savannah is take a Trolley Tour, and we didn't even do this! If trolley tours are your thing, this is a great way to see a lot of the city quickly (and without walking!)

  • Some of them are hop on/hop off, and some are strictly seated tours

  • Linking one of the companies we looked into here!

Things to Do/See That Require a Car:

Wormsloe Historic Site

  • Even though this was an uber ride away and we didn't spend much time here, this was my favorite site to see due to the endless draping live oaks down the most picturesque road in Savannah, also called "Oak Alley"

  • This street may just be the epitome of Savannah's character, and you might recognize it from the movie "The Last Song" with Miley Cyrus


  • It costs $10 to enter, and if you ubered, you'll have to walk down the tree-lined road to the main welcome center, which is a little over a mile. Luckily the walk is beautiful! There are a number of guided tours and short hikes around the marsh

  • Be sure to bring comfortable shoes if you plan on walking. If you want to go just to see the famous street and take photos, you'll still need to pay the $10 entrance fee

  • The Uber ride was about 15 mins each way - not bad at all! However, it definitely would have been ideal to have a car here

Tybee Island

  • Tybee Island is the perfect day trip from Savannah! We made sure to pack our bathing suits to spend some time here

  • You can check out the Lighthouse if you're driving!

  • If ubering, it was 30 minutes and inexpensive to split between 3 people. We got dropped off at the Tybee Beach Pier, and there were a number of shops and restaurants in that area

Bonaventure Cemetery

  • Eerie and beautiful, this well-known cemetery is a popular attraction in Savannah (and many love for photographs!)

  • We didn't end up coming here, but they offer guided tours and the location is close enough to Uber to!

VI. Places to Eat/Drink

Savannah is the place to be for foodies - there are a plethora of options ranging from Southern, to Seafood and more. I came with a short laundry list of places I wanted to try and I ended up just going to places I walked by!

Have some ideas of where you'd like to eat, but definitely leave a night open to explore the options and see what catches your eye!


  • The Collins Quarter - The BEST brunch in Savannah - we ended up eating here 3 times! The wait can get extremely long on weekends, but it's worth it. Try to go early!

  • Cafe M - Small, quaint, Parisian cafe with incredible lattes and croissant sandwiches! This is located right near River Street

  • Mirabelle - Come for the waffles! Located right near the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, so make sure you plan to check these out in the same day

  • Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room - Often referred to as the #1 restaurant in Savannah, this place is for folks dedicated to try authentic Southern cuisine. Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room is only open M-F, 11am-2pm, but be prepared to start waiting in line at 10am! The tables are filled with multiple parties and you're served fried chicken (and more)! This is an experience many people rave about. My friends and I didn't end up coming here, but next time I visit Savannah it's first on my list! Keep in mind that is is cash only, and it's $25 per person


  • The Grove - We stumbled upon this place on a walk and we were so impressed, we ate here twice! Try the Nashville Hot Chicken and Champagne Pops! Seriously, I'm still dreaming about that hot chicken... Bonus - they have a great nightlife scene at their rooftop bar

  • Prohibition Savannah - This is a hip bar that makes you feel like you're in the 20's. They offer American & Seafood options such as burgers, shrimp & grits, scallops, and wings

  • Olde Pink House - For a romantic or special meal, try the Olde Pink House! It's top rated and located in an elegant mansion. Just be prepared that it's a bit pricey

  • Tubby's or Huey's - Two riverfront dining options, both with amazing views, serving Seafood & more

Coffee & Pastries

  • The Paris Market - This gem of a cafe doubles as a small shop offering Parisian-inspired artisan goods. The decor was beautiful, and I'd go back just for the coffee and macarons!

  • The Coffee Fox - Funny enough, this is right across the street from my other favorite place to grab a coffee & pastry, The Paris Market! Try to get to both, as they're unique (and delicious!) in their own way


  • Leopold's Ice Cream - A Savannah CLASSIC! The inside is decked with old Movie posters (and tons of famous people have been here)! I read about how the line is always out the door and a half hour long, but when I went, it was only 5 minutes! Either way, prepare for a small wait

After Dinner Drinks & Bars

My best advice for deciding where to grab drinks and go to bars is to just explore! Savannah is really safe if you stay within the Historic District, and my friends and I had the most fun when we roamed until we found something that looked interesting!

My personal favorites were the places that offered live music! And don't forget that Downtown Savannah has no open container laws, so you can grab a drink (like the slushies at Wet Willie's below!) and walk around.

  • Wet Willie's - Alcohol slushies? Yes, please. Although slightly tacky, this place was a fun way to start our evenings!

  • Jen's & Friends - Known for unique and over-the-top martini flavors, like the Birthday Cake Martini

  • The Grove Rooftop - A great start to the evening for a drink and gets more lively throughout the night!

  • Rocks on the Roof - Another rooftop bar, located on River Street inside the Bohemian Hotel! Great live music and atmosphere

  • The Rail Pub - Super popular (& fun!) karaoke bar with indoor and outdoor options

  • BarrelHouse South - Rock music vibes, lively, and near a bunch of other bars

  • Savannah Smiles Dueling Pianos - Not your average piano bar! This place gets packed, but it's a must-see while in Savannah. The crowd is mixed with all ages, so it's good for anyone!

VII. My Must-Dos

If I had to choose a few things you don't want to miss...

  1. Explore the Park Squares! (They're all over!)

  2. River Street

  3. Wormsloe Historic Site

  4. The Collins Quarter for Brunch

  5. The Grove for Dinner

  6. Wet Willies for Drinks (so you can walk around with them!)


Heading to Savannah? Let me know if you catch anything on this list! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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