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3-Day Savannah Itinerary

Savannah, Georgia is the ultimate Girls' Trip, and perfect for a long weekend! Want to know the best way to spend your time in Savannah? Read more for a detailed, three-day itinerary on what to see, eat, and drink in this city full of charm!

Bonus: Keep reading for a 1-Page Itinerary Overview - easy to save and more accessible while traveling!

First time visiting? Don't forget to check out my Ultimate Guide to Savannah too!

Savannah is one of my favorite cities in the US. It's full of Southern hospitality and picturesque locations.

I visited Savannah with 2 of my best friends and we absolutely loved it - I definitely recommend this itinerary for a Girls' Trip, but I'm sure it's just as much fun with a significant other!

If you haven't read my Ultimate Guide to Savannah, you'll need to decide a few things before visiting, like where you want to stay and how you're going to get around.

  • I recommend staying in Downtown Savannah, also known as the Historic District. The closer you are to River Street, the more lively the area will be.

  • You can either rent a car from the airport or use Uber/Lyft to get around. We decided to use Uber to avoid the hassle of renting a car - both are fine options!

Keep reading for the perfect 3-day guide! Keep in mind that you can switch these days & activites up based on the weather or your interests. For example, I knew I wanted to do a half day trip to Tybee Island, so I made sure to go there on the sunniest day.

FAQ: Do I need 3 days? Can I do Savannah in 2?

Answer: You can absolutely do Savannah in 2 days. I would just recommend skipping Tybee Island and focusing on the main attractions you want to see in Historic Savannah (but still check out Wormsloe Historic Site!)


Suggested Visit Days: Thursday Evening - Sunday Evening

The Evening Before Day 1

  • Arrive at Downtown Hotel

  • Quick walk around River Street / Surrounding area

  • Bite to Eat at Treylor Park

  • Drinks at Bohemian Hotel Rooftop Bar

Arriving in the evening was great for this trip, because it allowed for a full, rested day of exploring the next morning! Once your flight gets in and you make it to your hotel, feel free to relax if you choose, or if you're eager like me, check out Downtown!

It may be dark, but this will be your first look into the Historic District and what the nightlife scene is like in Savannah. I was hooked from the first night I arrived - everything is so walkable! Take a stroll to River Street, stop in some shops, and grab a late night bite to eat at Treylor Park! Treylor Park is conveniently located Downtown on Bay Street. It's a cocktail bar (with an outdoor beer garden!) and they serve late night bites such as nachos, salads, and tons of great sandwich and burger options.

From here, you can choose to stay out for a bit and have a few drinks, or head back to the hotel and rest for tomorrow. I'm kind of a "no sleep on vacation" type of girl because there's always so much I want to do! If you stay out, go to The Bohemian Hotel and take the elevator up to their Rooftop Bar called Rocks on the Roof. The live music was great and it was a fun atmosphere!

If you want, you can skip Treylor Park and go right to the Rooftop Bar (Rocks on the Roof) - they serve food until 11pm I believe (don't quote me on that).

If your flight gets in on the early side and you have time to start roaming before dark, I suggest skipping Treylor Park and heading to Rocks on the Roof for the incredible Riverfront and sunset views. If it's already dark, I think you should eat at Treylor Park first, then head to The Bohemian.

Once you're ready to call it a night, be sure to set your alarm so you don't sleep the morning away!

Day 1

  • Wormsloe Historic Site

  • Brunch at The Collins Quarter

  • Explore Areas Surrounding Broughton Street & River Street

  • Coffee & Macarons at The Paris Market

  • Relax in One of the Many Park Squares

  • Dinner at The Grove

  • Hit the Town for Late Night Fun


Yay! First day! Get an early (ish) start to your morning and head to Wormsloe Historic Site. I know - you just arrived and you're already having to uber or drive away from Downtown? Trust me, I was so happy I did this first! Seeing the beautiful Oak Alley, filled with Spanish Moss covered trees, was the perfect introduction to Savannah.

  • Wormsloe Historic Site is arguably the most famous road in Savannah. You may recognize it from the movie "The Last Song" with Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. Visiting Wormsloe allowed for my favorite photo-ops in Savannah! Seriously breathtaking!

Wormsloe is about a 15-20 minute drive from Downtown. It was a quick and inexpensive Uber ride for us to split, since we didn't rent a car. They open at 9am daily, and I recommend going earlier rather than later. It can get much more crowded in the afternoon, and in my opinion, the light in the morning is best for photos! Plan on arriving between 9am-10am!

It costs $10 to enter, even if you just want to take photos on Oak Alley. I suppose you could avoid this by taking photos outside the entrance gate, but I highly recommend going in and walking to the end! I've heard that on some days you can get away with taking photos on the beginning of the road without paying the $10 (assuming you won't be entering the Visitor Center at the end), but when I went, everyone had to pay $10 at a small station on the right before walking on Oak Alley.

  • If you have a car, you'll be able to drive down Oak Alley to the visitor center, where you'll find trails, historic ruins, and the option to join a guided tour.

  • If you ubered, you will have to walk a mile down the street if you wish to get to the Visitor Center, so bring comfortable shoes! I also wouldn't judge if you wanted to leave after getting the perfect insta - just be prepared to call another uber whenever you're done.

Plan on spending anywhere from 30 minutes - 2 hours here! (Maybe longer if you explore all that the grounds have to offer!

Once you're finished at Wormsloe, you'll be ready for the best brunch of your life! Head back to the Historic District to either freshen up at your hotel or go straight to The Collins Quarter.

The Collins Quarter was my favorite restaurant in Savannah - we ended having brunch here multiple times!

  • The wait can get extremely long on weekends, and unfortunately they don't take reservations for breakfast or brunch. Don't worry, I promise it's worth it! The earlier you get here the better, and if you're a group of 4 or less, the wait really shouldn't be terrible. We went on a holiday weekend and I think it was only 35 minutes around 10:45 am.

If you can get a table in the main dining room rather than the lower-level, that would be ideal! The views and ambiance is better, in my opinion.

And in case you were wondering, every single thing on the menu is delicious. Don't forget to order mimosas!


You'll likely be ready for a little rest after a long morning, so I suggest heading back to the hotel for a bit. Once you're ready, grab your comfy shoes to begin exploring more of the Historic District!

Head towards Broughton Street to window shop (and choose any souvenirs you may want to purchase later)! Make a stop at The Paris Market on Broughton, which is a chic and quaint coffee shop that also sells pastries and Parisian inspired goods. The decor is stunning, and there are plenty of photo-opportunities inside and outside The Paris Market.

You can't go wrong with an iced coffee and macarons!

Continue exploring along Broughton and make a stop at City Market - this is a central location for the best dining, shopping, and local goods in Savannah. (We'll be headed back towards this way for dinner, too)!

Make your way down to River Street for some great views of the water and enjoy the rest of your late afternoon. You'll get a feel for the history of Savannah as you walk along the cobblestone streets - this area is captivating!


After a productive day, relax at your hotel a bit before you're ready for dinner. (A power nap is also acceptable either before dinner or just after dinner before going out for the night)!

My friends and I also liked to take this time to lay around and discuss our favorite parts of the day so far, and send each other our favorite photos. It's a nice cozy way to unwind before getting dolled up again for dinner and drinks!

Once you're hungry for dinner, head out for an amazing meal at The Grove. I highly recommend the Nashville Hot Chicken. SO good. They also have a great selection of apps, if you wanted to split a few of those.

We ordered the Champagne Pops, which were delicious and the most fun part of the meal!

The Grove also has a Rooftop Bar which gets lively at night, but you can also head up there for another drink after dinner and catch the sunset if possible!

After dinner, walk around, digest, and if you want to change again for the evening, you can head back to the hotel. For a casual Girls' Night out, I recommend staying out after dinner, enjoying the rooftop views and hopping to any nice bars around City Market.

If you plan on a more adventurous night out, the true nightlife scene doesn't pick up until a little later, past 10pm, so plan accordingly and enjoy some more down time!

To start your perfect first night out in Savannah, definitely grab a drink to go at Wet Willie's! They offer frozen alcohol slushies! Such a fun way to start your night, and bonus - Downtown Savannah has no open-container laws. You're free to walk around with your cups! I think we ended up coming here every night to try different flavors! The alcohol content is HIGH though, so be cautious.

From there, you can decide which type of establishment you're in the mood for. For a lively karaoke bar, try The Rail Pub or Savannah Smiles Dueling Pianos. For a more casual atmosphere, head to Jen's & Friends for unique flavors of Martinis. For another rooftop bar, I'd go back to The Grove!

Be open minded and see where the night takes you! I tried not to plan the evenings too much because I love to just explore until I see something that looks fun!

Day 2

  • Brunch at Cafe M

  • Half Day at Tybee Island

  • Leopold's Ice Cream

  • Rainbow Row

  • Dinner at Prohibition or Tubby's

  • Late Night Drinks Round 2 (If You Wish!)


Rise and shine at your leisure! My friends and I had some late nights in Savannah, so sometimes the extra rest in the morning was a necessity. Once you're up and at 'em, walk to Cafe M near River Street for Brunch!

Cafe M is a quaint cafe with the best breakfast croissant sandwiches. Don't be afraid to get one of their pastries, too! There is limited seating, but there were a few open tables when I went and the service is really quick.

Late Morning - Late Afternoon

After breakfast/brunch, grab your swimsuit for a quick beach day at Tybee Island! Tybee is a 30 minute drive from Downtown Savannah, and we had no trouble ubering. I recommend getting dropped off or parking near the Tybee Beach Pier.

I felt that a half day at Tybee was the perfect amount of time to spend there. We were able to sunbathe, enjoy the ocean, and even go to a bunch of shops. You can either grab lunch on the island, or eat once you get back to Savannah. I had such a large brunch at Cafe M, I think I just snacked for lunch and had a big dinner that night! Totally your call.

After a few hours at the Beach, head back to the hotel in the late afternoon to change and get right back out to enjoy Leopold's Ice Cream on Broughton Street! (Don't worry - you can do a late dinner)! Leopold's has been a Savannah staple since 1919. The line is typically well out the door, but it's worth the wait!

From Leopold's, walk just 5 minutes around the corner to see Savannah's Rainbow Row! This is a small row of 3 colorful houses, and it's perfect for photos! The address is 508 E. Bryan Street.


You'll surely be exhausted (with hopefully some extra color from the sun!) after todays long day, so now is the perfect time to rest your legs in your hotel room and unwind. Relax for as long as you wish!

Once you're ready to go, try dinner at Prohibition, a hip bar with American eats and a '20's vibe, or Tubby's, a seafood restaurant with amazing views of the River! Reader's choice!

From here, you can follow the same protocol as the night before! Completely up to you what type of night you're in the mood for. For a different suggestion from the previous night, try BarrelHouse or The Jinx, which are both consistently lively and have more live music.

Day 3

  • Breakfast/Brunch at Mirabelle

  • Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist

  • Explore Jones Street

  • Forsyth Park (+ Fountain)

  • Late Lunch at Crystal Beer Parlor


Since it's your last day, you'll likely be leaving in the afternoon or evening (if not, you can skip whatever you wish on this list)! Day 3's activities can be completed quickly or you can take you time seeing each location - do what is best for your schedule!

Start your morning at Mirabelle, the cutest cafe known for their gourmet waffles! Mirabelle is more of an order-and-go spot, with a few tables inside and outside.

After your cup of coffee, walk across the street to admire the Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist! It is typically free to enter 7 days a week, but the inside is closed on Sundays during certain months. I'd double check before you go! If going inside the Cathedral is high on your list, make sure you end up doing that on a day they are open.

Regardless, the Cathedral is an inspiring sight to see, so you'll want to check it out, even if it's just from across the street at brunch!

From the Cathedral, take a short walk to Jones Street! Jones Street is another picturesque location in Savannah, full of historic homes and live oaks.


Saved the best well-known attraction for last! Finally, it's time to see the famous Forsyth Park Fountain. This entire park is absolutely stunning and full of charm - I even witnessed a wedding here! Take photos, walk around the manicured grounds, and enjoy the surroundings!

If you plan ahead, bring a small blanket or sheet to Forsyth Park. There are so many large grassy fields that look like the dreamiest spot to relax!

Some of my favorite small streets and houses were located around Forsyth.

If you've spent enough time here, you might be ready for a late lunch! You can head to the popular Crystal Beer Parlor for lunch, or if you have enough time and you want something different, grab lunch somewhere closer to River Street. Your call!


If you have a late flight (or an early morning flight the next day), the rest of Day 3 is perfect for catching up on things you may not have gotten to the past 2 days. I also always like to leave a little "unplanned" room on my trips so I have the opportunity to discover something I may have missed when researching.

Have fun on your trip to Savannah! I'd love to hear your thoughts if you visit. Let me know what you enjoyed most on your trip!

Feel free to screenshot or save the below 1-Page recap of the Perfect 3-Day Savannah Itinerary!

Savannah 1 Page Itinerary
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